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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mila Hermanovski Spring 2011 Collection

Alumni Association.

Photography: Matthew Betcher
Hair and make-up: Rachel Olson
Model: Brandise Danesewich

Project Runway Season 7 finalist Mila Hermanovski recently unveiled her Spring 2011 collection.

"This particular collection, titled "rutilated," finds inspiration in Mila's fascination with mineral formations. The textiles are luxurious and mostly all natural - silk, cotton, leather - and uses those linear and graphic elements with layers of varying opacities and textures relating to the way minerals grow and how they appear.

The play of scale and print, in addition, add a surreal touch and refer to the other side of the paradox which is the man-made object that attempts to look natural. The color palette reflects this surrealist nod with a base of flesh tones and "nude" fabrics. The palette will be accented by blue, black, and grey and will feature prints of both an organic and geometric nature.

The jewelry is M I L A. The necklaces are bent wenge on the sash pieces, the collar is ebonized and bleached wenge, the flat vertical piece on the white slip dress look is an ombrayed bleached wenge. The cuffs consist of leather with minerals and large crystals (such as rutilated quartz - hence the name of the collection). The rings again, are all crystal and mineral formations."

She's gotten away from her black and white fixation, but it's still identifiably Mila. There's still that play with geometrics and silhouette, this time rendered in softer hues and more texturally interesting fabrics.

[Photo Credit: Mathew Betcher courtesy of milahermanovski.com]

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