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Friday, December 3, 2010

TFS S2E4: House of Nami

Silver belles.

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It was probably a reaction to the plaid imposition, but it's interesting that both teams chose similar palettes. It was probably the best way to unify the looks too. Color would have been distracting.

Dominique: 1994

We have to admit, we reflexively wrote this one off upon first seeing it because grunge, y'know? And trust us, we were there in '94 wearing the flannels and the Doc Martens and practicing our hair flips. But when the judges started praising this, we got rid of our preconceptions and admitted that yes, there's something there. It's not fantastic or anything, but she clearly has an eye and a point of view. She really hasn't made any significant wrong steps yet (not counting her flirting technique, which she apparently learned from watching cartoons) and you really can't say that about anyone else in the competition. Eduardo, maybe.

David: 1982

Yeah, there was no defending this one, which is why he practically imploded when they asked him to do so, dragging both his grandmother and Michael Jackson on stage for backup. It could have been saved simply by removing or rethinking that collar. It's not that the rest of it was so great, but the fabric is nice and with a little styling, he could have avoided the flames shooting forth from Iman's eyes.

Eduardo: 1976

We were feeling it when we watched the show, but looking at these pics now, the feeling has faded. Ironically, we still agree with Laura Brown's point that a dress like this would photograph well in an editorial, posed and lit correctly on the right model. But just standing around? It looks awkward as hell and gives off a slightly slutty vibe even though it's relatively modest as cocktail dresses go. Which reminds us, the judges were right to give him a little teasing about his all-cocktail-dress approach to things. They're not ready to penalize him for it (because he hasn't made any disasters) but the warning has been sent. We wonder if he picked up on that.

Oh, and 1976? Where, exactly?

Rolando: 1969

We didn't realize until now that he basically ignored the plaid rule. Sure there's a tiny little strip of it in the belt, but that clearly isn't what Iman was asking for. Besides making an outfit that calls to mind the year 1969 in absolutely no discernible manner, he made the classic fashion competition mistake of thinking he could get around the dictates of the challenge just because he didn't like them. Silly rabbit. The whole point to these shows is to make you jump through hoops.

Calvin: 1957

We liked the construction of that skirt and we were with the judges on the praise - up to a point. Yes, that top is hilariously bad but take a good look at that skirt. It's the germ of a good idea, but that is one heavy and stiff-looking thing. Like a Christmas tree skirt with a bustle. When she walked, it moved like it weighed 30 pounds. This seems to be a thing with Calvin; he has these inventive ideas that either go too far or needed some form of editing or rethinking along the way to execute it effectively. You could take a good 6 inches off that hem and it would still be a fairly modest skirt without looking so Victorian.

When it comes down to it, the collection mostly worked, but every look needed some tweaking. There was no one garment that could secure them the win. It's an intriguing result of the judging process: each designer really does have to work as a team member while at the same time trying individually to impress the judges.

[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman, bravotv.com - Screencaps: www.tomandlorenzo.com]

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