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Monday, December 13, 2010

Prince William and Kate Middleton Official Engagement Photo

Who's a pretty princess, then?

Britain's Prince William and Kate Middleton pose in one of two official engagement portraits, taken by photographer Mario Testino in the Cornwall Room at St James's Palace in London.

We weren't sure we were going to post about this since it seems like the rest of the internet already got to it. Besides, we didn't know who made her dress (which is lovely) and didn't want to do "Here's a picture, we have no further information" kind of post. But what should appear in our inbox today but an email press release from the very people who made the dress she's wearing:

"Kate has been a customer of Reiss for some time now and we are absolutely delighted
that she chose to wear one of our dresses for such a wonderful occasion. We wish both
Prince William and Kate middleton all the best for the future," says David Reiss, managing Director and Founder of Reiss.

"The Nannette dress that Kate is wearing is part of the core dress offering which we are renowned for. We have released versions of the style in past seasons and whilst it is not currently in store, there will be a version available from end January 2011, as part of our SS11 collection."

She's an amazingly pretty girl and the second she's married, she'll be shooting to the top of the list of most attractive royals in Europe. Everyone talks about how beautiful Diana was - and she was - but Kate is stunning. Movie star stunning. Still, it's hard to look at her and not wonder how bad things are going to get for her when the pressure really starts. And we don't mean so much the family stuff. Both of them seem to have their head on pretty straight and William doesn't strike us as naive when it comes to his family. After all, he was old enough to know about most of what his mother went through with them. No, it's the public pressure that worries us. The frenzy that's only barely started, but will reach critical mass right around the time she marches down that aisle. Again, they both seem pretty savvy, though. We're not given to worrying too much about the day-to-day problems of insanely wealthy people, but we wouldn't wish what she's about to go through on our worst enemy.

[Photo Credit: getty]

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