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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

T LOunge

Logs on the fire fill us with desire.

Twenty Five Lusk bar and restaurant in San Francisco, CA

Christmas kittens, the tree is up, the gifts are wrapped, ingredients have been purchased and baking is under way. Currently chilling: Tom's mom's sour cream nutmeg cookie dough, which will be rolled out, cut into dove shapes using a far-too-expensive copper cookie cutter from Williams Sonoma, then baked, then iced with royal icing and dusted with a far-too-expensive silver sanding sugar, also from Williams Sonoma. Currently baking: Martha's cranberry-pistachio biscotti, and up in the batter's circle (get it?) are these dark chocolate meringue drops. Can Tom get it all done before The Fashion Show airs tonight? Stay tuned! Also, what are you or have you baked for the holidays? We will shamelessly lift recipes from our readers to claim as our own. We're thinking we need something Christmas-spicy. We're thinking molasses, pumpkin, cinnamon and so on. Who's got a cookie recipe that fits the bill?

As for our ever-dwindling rag tag band, they once were lost, but now are found.

Good lord, could they pile any more twists on? "Designers, you will also have to dodge rabid pitbulls on the way to the workroom and construct your garments BLINDFOLDED!"

[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman, bravotv.com, 25lusk.com - Video Credit: bravotv.com]

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