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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Victoria Beckham Handbags

Let's talk handbags, ladies.

Vicki Beckham's just put out her first collection of handbags and we have opinions. "Handbags" is probably a misnomer, since at least a couple of these could probably qualify as luggage. The collection was put together with the help of co-designer Kate Hillier and the general concept was "a day in the life of Victoria Beckham," which means several of these bags have special compartments to hold your whip in case someone gets insolent with you.

We joke because we love that skinny old chav.

Anyway, the first bag to become available on netaporter.com sold out within hours. Joke all you want (god knows we have), but the lady does know what she's doing.

Let's take a look so we can form bitchy opinions, mkay?

Vicki's been remarkably successful as a fashion designer, far moreso than we would have predicted. At this point, we'd say she's poised to be one of the few celebrity designers who might actually make a long-term go of it and still be here in ten years, flogging her wares. Part of the reason she's so successful is not because she has great design skills; it's because she is innately chic and that translates to her pieces, none of which could ever be accused of being over-designed. Simplicity and minimalism is what Vicki goes for and it's a smart move. On the other hand, these are so simple and minimal (a more complimentary term would be "classic") that we fear they have no personality at all. They're lovely and we have no doubt they're extremely well made and of the highest quality materials, but considering they'll be retailing in the $1,800-$14,000 range, one would think the buyer would want a little something-something for their money. Then again, we can hardly claim to be among the demographic who purchases $14,000 handbags, so what do we know about their potential success? They look good; as we said, classic and chic. But we wouldn't be able to pick them out of a lineup.

The bags will be available in February at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus.

[Photo Credit: getty, victoriabeckham.com]

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