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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

TFS S2E6: House of Emerald

To the bitter end.

We're having the same reaction to this collection as we had to Nami's. Namely, we don't understand why the judges were so pissed off. This isn't a perfect collection; you could even argue it's not a very good one. But it's not the worst we've seen this season. Maybe the judges just had it with the cumulative mediocrity and this week's entries were the straw that broke Iman's back. Let's go to the tape.

House of Emerald Look 1:

House of Emerald Look 2:

We're grouping the bathing suits together because they're bathing suits and because they're Cesar's. Are these awful? Not really. A little standard perhaps, but we liked the colors and the styling. We also thought doing bathing suits was a smart way to slip in some extra looks while staying on theme. We don't like the big ruffle on the turquoise suit and we think too much stuff was piled on the poor girl in the orange one, but these were hardly disastrous.


This isn't great, but Cesar was at least partially right that mixing the discordant prints would have more of a high-fashion feel to it. The top looks fine but we're not sure anyone could have made the print on those pants work. The shrug is interesting and it goes with the top, but putting all three pieces together means all of them work slightly less well than they should. Basically, the pants needed to go.


Oh, look. Another dress from Cindy that looks like millions of other dresses you can buy anywhere.


You have to laugh, because if ever there was a way to invoke sheer desperation in clothing, this would be it. You can practically see the point at which he realized he made a boring, shitty dress. Somewhere between adding the scarf and adding the hat, we'd say.

Darlings, it's a slow week here at T Lo. We're game for posting, but it seems most of our readership has fled to party away the week. Good for them, we say. We're not going to bother with a T LOunge post because we fear the turnout would be abysmal. Make this your watering hole for the week. Johnny Weir and Rachel Zoe will be sitting in the judges' seats tonight, so this should be interesting. Whoops! Never mind!

[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman, bravotv.com - Screencaps: tomandlorenzo.com]

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