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Monday, December 27, 2010

Shelley O's Hawaiian Christmas

Mele Kalikimaka!

First Lady Michelle Obama visits members of the US Military
and their families at Anderson Hall at the Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kaneohe, Hawaii.

Darlings, we don't know about you, but here at T Lo International Headquarters, the fridge is packed, the pants are tighter than they were 3 days ago, and there is snow on the ground, which means we're fully prepared to slip on some drawstring pants, crank up the heat, polish off a couple dozen more cookies, and judge someone's clothes. Join us!

We can think of worse ways to spend the holiday than hugging Marines.

Shelley really turned the glam up this holiday season, breaking out the vintage and the shiny and the Marc Jacobs. It's cute to see her so dressed down. It's also smart. Had she shown up in a sequined dress, she would have looked wildly out of place. In fact, considering the low-key nature of the event, it wouldn't be appropriate for us to apply too much of our patented bitchery here. She looks fresh and pretty and approachable and that's exactly what she should have been going for. The wide straps suit her and she found another full skirt that doesn't have us crying out in despair. It's still not a great silhouette for her (or at least, not the best one), but she looks bright and full of holiday cheer and the print on the skirt provides just enough visual interest.

[Photo Credit: getty]

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