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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kate Middleton, Cheeky Little Queenlet

Getting her Nefertiti on.

Prince William and fiancee Kate Middleton arrive for a Christmas reception
in aid of the Teenager Cancer Trust at the Thursford Collection in Fakenham, England.

Our first impulse upon faced with these pictures is "How do we do this?" Meaning, how do we write about royal or soon-to-be-royal fashion? IN or OUT doesn't seem to cut it because there are a host of considerations at play, none of which have anything to do with trends or styles. It's sort of like discussing the First Lady's clothing choices, but with even more restrictions and traditions hanging over everything.

On the other hand, a cute dress is a cute dress and that's a cute dress. It's got a pseudo-without-being-obvious Egyptian vibe to it. We like to think this signals a plan to dress only like the great queens of history; today, Nefertiti or Cleopatra, tomorrow, maybe she'll go out looking like Scheherazade or Eleanor of Aquitaine. If we were her gays, we'd say things like "You simply MUST be Boudicea for Christmas, darling!" The possibilities are endless and we like to think she's doing it to annoy her grandmother-in-law. Made-up royal drama is almost as much fun as the real thing. Like Dynasty, if the whole cast sounded like Alexis.

Apparently the answer to the question "How do we do this?" is "Make shit up for fun."

But seriously, minions. We like the jacket pairing but aren't entirely sold on the hose even though they were probably required by the weather. Shoes and bag are dull and safe.

[Photo Credit: getty, yoox.com]

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