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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

TFS S2 E6: Everyone's Nuts


What the hell was THAT, kittens? We thought it was a typical challenge with typical results. Then the judges were all "RAAAHH! You BLOW!"

We thought the challenge was inspired. In fact, we thought it was such a no-brainer of a challenge that we were sure it had been done before.

And we joked about the number of twists per challenge (we think it's about ten), but we like that the teams are switched up so often. Keeps these little bitches on their toes.

And it puts the squeeze on this one, because with each switch it becomes obvious that EVERYONE hates him.

He's your run-of-the-mill reality television attention whore and egomaniac, but what never fails to amaze us is just how un-self-aware one has to be to fill that role. For all his strutting around the work room and putting down everyone else, no one seems willing to say, "Hey, Mouthy. Remind me again how many challenges you've won?" Seriously, what the hell is he bragging about? Except for Cindy, we don't think any remaining designer has been on the bottom as often as him. We understand the whole fake-it-till-you-make-it schtick, but he has to be pretty delusional to think he's in any way intimidating to the others. Annoying as shit, yes. But no one seems particularly threatened by him.

Anyway, we also kind of liked the twist of having Laura come in to scare the designers instead of Isaac. Having an editor offer their thoughts at this stage in the design process is world's away from having another designer do it. She was less helpful than Isaac normally is, but she kept them on the defensive, which is always fun to see.

But it was a bittersweet week for Giggles McWeepy.

Her dress won, as well as it should. It was inventive and chic and to be honest, it had a bit of an Isaac Mizrahi feel.

These designers haven't yet figured out that if you make a dress that either

a) Looks like it came out of Iman's closet, or
b) Looks like it came out of Isaac's studio,

Then congratulations, you win.

But unfortunately, the most annoying pseudo-romance in the history of reality television (and quite possibly the history of romance) came to an untimely end as wimpy David was set on fire and pushed off a cliff sent home.

But first, Iman has something to say.

"I find you all disgusting. If I had my way, you would all be set out on mountaintops to die from exposure."

Iman went a little ballistic, didn't she? Not that we're complaining, because a livid Iman is hypnotic, but where was all this anger last week when they were faced with dumpy housewives in poultry-colored satin dresses? Sure, the offerings this week were bad, and the designers definitely need a whip cracked in their faces (and Iman's just the gal to crack that whip), but the rage seemed a little over the top.

Still, how many times have we wanted to hear Heidi say "NONE OF YOU DESERVE TO WIN!"

As much as we like Cesar, it was time he got smacked down a bit. He's less abrasive than Calvin (by a mile), but he has the same ego issues. At least with him, he's got some JudgeLove to back him up, but at this point, he's had as many stumbles as triumphs and he needs to stop taking over as if he's in charge.

Lucky for Cesar, David's number came up.

We're not even sure if this was the worst of the lot, but to be honest, we don't care. He's produced nothing but mediocre looks with the occasional disaster to shake things up. This is more mediocre than disaster, but if they're scoring cumulatively (and they always are, whether they admit it or not), then it was past his time to go.

He seems like a decent enough sort. We have no problem with the guy except for the pretension and the worst game we've ever seen from a straight guy. Still, we'll let him sum up his experience for us:

"If this whole experience was a nutshell it would have to be a pecan because those nuts are unbreakable. This experience is that nutshell, because there's a lot of good stuff inside; the sweetest nuts you will ever eat."

Oh for God's sake, just go.

[Photo Credit: bravotv.com - Screencaps: tomandlorenzo.com]

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