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Saturday, December 4, 2010

In or Out: Whoopi Goldberg

No, really.

Whoopi Goldberg attends the musical premiere of "Sister Act" in Hamburg.

As should be readily apparent by now, we don't have lives outside this blog, kittens. Saturday morning, a rare opportunity to get away from our computers, so we do what any self-respecting pair of city gays would do and headed out for brunch. As we waited for our decidedly unhealthy and carb-heavy platters to arrive, we started talking about, you guessed it, blog stuff. Specifically, these pictures, which we posted on our FB page the other day.

Lorenzo was appalled by this outfit and jokingly offered that we should give it the IN or OUT treatment (which will never not sound dirty). To Lorenzo's surprise, Tom took him up on it. "But that coat!" exclaimed Lorenzo to a startled waitress. "Those CLOGS." Obviously, Lorenzo gave in and here's why: it allows us to once again run down the thinking behind these IN or OUT posts.

Criticism comes with blogging and we long ago realized that we can't reply to every complaint out there, but there is one persistent complaint lodged against us that we will probably always address in some way because it gets to the heart of what we do here. It's the idea that we spend our time "criticizing women" for how they dress. If we had random shots of women walking down the street for these IN or OUT posts, that would be a valid criticism, but we don't. We quite specifically limit ourselves to celebrities at public events, usually wearing clothing and jewelry that has been chosen for them and lent to them for the event. The red carpet is like a sporting event, with careers and bags of money on the line every time a gown is matched to a starlet. It's ripe for our kind of bitchiness given the pretension involved.

Further, readers sometimes don't realize how we apply our criteria and complain that we don't apply it uniformly across the board. "How can you say THIS is IN when you said THAT was OUT?" We own it completely. This isn't a science, after all, and we do try and take into account various factors, not the least of which are age, body type, and even personal style.

This is a roundabout way of saying that Whoopi here, after much discussion over pumpkin French toast, has been deemed IN.

We'll give you a moment.

Look, unless it's the Oscars (and sometimes not even then) Whoopi isn't going to show up on any RC in a $30,000 gown and $10,000 heels, carrying an $8000 bag and wearing $40,000 in jewelry. Never gonna happen. In fact, forget the price tags; she's not going to show up in a dress, heels, and purse, period. There's no point in criticizing her for being the person she is. You take each person on their own terms and determine if they're really doing the best for themselves in terms of their clothing choices. Looking at it from that perspective, the only really wrong things here are the gloves and the shoes. We get, it Whoops. No heels. But there's not a reason in the world she couldn't be wearing a stylish pair of flat boots. Clogs are for gardening and running errands. At no point should they be appearing on a red carpet. As for the gloves, they're just too pink and they look like a pair you'd get off a rack at a drugstore.

Let us reiterate: We don't expect heels, a dress, jewelry or even expensive clothing from Whoopi. We just expect her, when making a red carpet appearance, to dress in something flattering and attractive and appropriate. That coat is actually a little cute. That hat's a bit much but she's Whoopi and it's cold, so whatever. Honestly, a different pair of shoes and gloves (preferably in black, but we're even a little flexible on that) and this would be a perfect little outfit ... FOR WHOOPI GOLDBERG. If someone like, say Christina Ricci or Sarah Jessica Parker showed up at an event dressed like this, we'd savage them because the outfit would be so wrong for them.

[Photo Credit: getty]

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