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Friday, December 10, 2010

Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2011 Collection

Flapless flappers.

Style.com offers some context:

"The Séeberger brothers—street-style photographers, albeit of the early twentieth century, rather than the early twenty-first—gave Jason Wu his jumping-off point for the season. (This was only his second pre-fall collection, by the way, and already more than twice the size of his first.) The duo snapped photos of demimondaines posing as gamely in their self-styled finery as any latter-day contender like Giovanna Battaglia or Caroline Sieber, and their era provided a reference point for the thirties-inspired separates and Art Deco details that ran through this solid collection."

Our reaction to the majority of Jason Wu's work, from the time he became a "thing," was always the same: "Enh. Pretty." Never anything to get worked up over, his collections looked mostly like impeccably sewn Butterick patterns to us. This latest is the first one to make us lean in, peer at the details, and ooh and aaah a little.

Part of what makes this so appealing to us is that he's clearly referencing the twenties and thirties, not just with the art deco-inspired details, but with slight references in cut and hemline and silhouette - and yet he's not being literal with any of it. For some reason, when it comes to decades from which to draw inspirations, the twenties always seems to be the one hardest for designers to do without being literal. He's used the Hepburn pants, dropped waists, frilly flapper-style dresses and little tied collars and it all looks fresh instead of costume-y or overdone.

[Photo Credit: jasonwustudio.com/]

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