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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

T LOunge

It is time once again for all good unborn fawns to gather.

Bar Missoni in Edingburgh, United Kingdom

Darlings! Edinburgh is our destination and the bar is FABULOUS. Are we all ready? Then fasten your seatbelts.

Whoops! We posted the previews for The Fashion Show, not realizing it's not airing until next week. Sorry about that, dolls. We've been whipping the house into shape all day, painting and rearranging furniture. We blame it on the paint fumes -- and on our giddiness over how much we love our TV room now. Still, there's no reason to stop drinking. What's your favorite holiday drink? Lo is partial to a simple Bailey's on ice, but T is craving a good spiked egg nog this year after at least a decade of staying away from the stuff.

Also, Babies it really is cold outside right now.

So after a day of painting and rearranging not one, but two rooms (we're on a real nesting kick lately) we are braving the sub-40 temperatures to snag a bite to eat. Play nice while we're gone, poodles!

[Photo Credit: restaurantandbardesignawards.com - Video Credit: bravotv.com, hulu.com]

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