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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Marion Cotillard for the Lady Dior Bag

Freaking fabulous.

This should scrub away the memory of that hideous dress and Toni home perm. The house of Christian Dior created a series of short films as part of their latest campaign to promote their Lady Dior bag.

"We're creating a story. This is something new and the internet is a fantastic tool of communication," says Dior's chief executive officer Sidney Toledano.

“We wanted to capture the glamour, the intrigue, the heroine and the mysterious allure that radiates around her,” said John Galliano, Dior's creative director. “Marion has brought the Dior woman to life. She is incredible.”

This is the final episode starring Marion Cotillard, Ian McKellan, and Russell Tovey and directed by John Cameron Mitchell who also directed "Hedwig and the Angry Inch," "Shortbus," and "Rabbit Hole." Take a look. It's DEFINITELY worth it, in our opinion.

How goddamn glamorous and fabulous can you get, we ask you? And Sir Ian looks fantastic. Either the lighting was enormously flattering or Gandalf had some work done. This is the natural result of the fashion industry's increasing use of actors to sell their wares: making them act. It's far more effective than making them stand and pose. That's what models are for. We were hypnotized by the whole thing. Everything just looks so gorgeous, doesn't it?

[Image Credit: ladydior.com - Video Credit: toey17daria via YouTube.com]

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