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Friday, December 10, 2010

Cover Girl: Amy Adams for Marie Claire

Getting her Gucci on.

Gucci Spring 2011 Collection
Model: Natasha Poly

We keep waffling on this one. We kind of like the dress but we're not buying it on her. Maybe it's the combination of big hair and big (bigger than the model's anyway) boobs. It's all a bit "trying too hard."

Besides, we'd much rather talk about that article and tagline: "Project Runway's Gretchen Jones: 'Why I deserved to win." First off, we're starting to feel sorry for her, having to defend herself all the time. We'd rather see an article about NINA defending the win. How about that, Marie Claire? We hear she works for you. Then again, maybe we should keep our mouths shut because they're clearly going to milk this thing as much as they can. In 3 months, there'll be "Project Runway's Gretchen Jones: 'I do NOT make diaper dresses!" Then, "Project Runway's Gretchen Jones: 'FUCK ALL Y'ALL MOTHERFUCKERS!"

Anyway, Amy Adams. Pretty girl, but probably not the right dress, yes?

[Photo Credit: marieclaire.com, style.com]

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