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Friday, December 3, 2010

Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2011 Collection

The Duchess has something to say.

Style.com checked out the latest from the tangerine-hued one and he demonstrated once again that he knows how to handle the press.

"All you writers in the room need to come up with a new word. 'Pre' [as in pre-fall] is disgusting," Michael Kors announced at the beginning of a showroom presentation of his new collection today."

Can't you just hear him saying that? One of the strongest weapons in Michael Kors' arsenal is his ability to articulate and describe his work in a manner that makes it appealing and personal at the same time.

"For day, there was a "Faye Dunaway in
Network" black leather shirtdress and a black shift with subtle blue trim at the shoulders and waistline. The latter was "for the woman who swears she's gonna wear color" but has a closet full of black."

Many times on Project Runway he has exhorted struggling young designer to "know your customer" and you can see why. He doesn't make flight-of-fancy clothes and he'll never really be seen as a trendsetter, but he knows exactly the woman he wants to sell to and he knows exactly how to speak her language.

It's all crisp, wearable and mostly unembellished clothes. Stylish, but not hard to pull off. Given his general optimism, it's hard to imagine him ever doing a collection with a heavy or dark feel to it, so this is probably as close as he'll ever come. Not that it's depressing or anything, just that there's an almost Soviet feeling of stark practicality hanging over everything.

In typical Kors fashion he showed about ten thousand different pieces. You can view the rest of the collection here.

[Photo Credit: style.com]

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