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Monday, December 27, 2010

TFS S2E6: House of Nami

Wait. What?

Kittens, we're in a holiday fugue state!

We can't remember a thing! What is this show about again? Who won the last challenge? What was the challenge about? It's all a boozey blur, darlings! Come join us on a journey back to sobriety and a carb-light diet (good luck on the latter). We'll work our way through the dresses and maybe it'll all come back to us.

House of Nami Look:

The judges hated this, right? Yes, yes. It's coming back to us now. Calvin acted like a bitch again and churned out two not-worth-bragging-about outfits, this being the "team" one. The more egotistical designers need to learn that they're not helping their teams by slapping any old thing together for an additional look. Having said that, we don't mind this so much. The only thing that really ruins it is the horrible fabric choice for the skirt. Calvin does like those shiny lightweight fabrics a bit too much.


Case in point. Once again, we don't mind (and might even be talked into liking) the basic design here, but the fabric choices are horrific. And yes, it's coming back now: they had to use the fabrics they could scrounge. Fine. But make something else that works with the fabrics you have rather than trying to make the fabrics you have work for the design in your head.


Giggles really knocked this out of the park. Her win's been coming for a while as she seemed to get stronger each week even though she got more distracted each week by her flirtation with Big-Head Straightboy. The coat is a perfect compliment to that cute little shift and the styling brings it to where it needs to be. A pretty perfect look, from top to bottom.


Eduardo didn't make a cocktail dress, you guys! Instead, he made a top that looks just like one of his cocktail dresses and then paired it with a really tacky and unflattering pair of pants!

Maybe he should stop listening to the judges (and us) and just stick with the cocktail dresses.


Even though this has problems, we really liked it. All it really needed was some editing. Keep the zipper in the skirt but get rid of the distracting black panel; keep the jacket (which we love) but get rid of the distracting belt and the blouse sticking out. Jeffrey's got great ideas and he can turn them out in the time frame, but he definitely could use some Tim Gunn-style mentoring during the design process.

[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman, bravotv.com - Screencaps: tomandlorenzo.com]

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