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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Fashion Show: IMAN LOVES PLAID

And you will USE IT or she will KILL YOU.

Okay, we realize the resident straight guy has to keep reminding us that he's straight, but if that's what he thinks a vagina looks like, we're starting to question if he's seen one lately. We're far from experts on that particular bit of anatomy, but the last time we checked, they're not pointy.

We liked the time capsule idea and assigning them all specific years. It's the kind of design-based challenges Project Runway used to do all the time. Sure, it's gimmicky and it has nothing to do with the real world of fashion but so what? It's a game show hosted by a super-villainess.

We also liked the plaid twist. Challenges work best the more the parameters are defined.

We knew he was in trouble the minute he said "No one likes plaid," because honey? Have you seen a runway lately? We're wondering if the teams weren't limited in their fabric choices, because you can find a lot of much nicer plaids than the ones they chose.


Part of us feels bad for her because she's so young and in 5 years these scenes are going to be intensely embarrassing for her. On the other hand, she should be embarrassed because the incessant giggling and complete lack of game on her part were irritating as hell. Just go fuck in the bathroom and get it over with.

So congrats to Team Emerald, who finally pulled out a win, and congrats to Jeffrey for ensuring that Cesar didn't win again. We like the guy, but if he's the only thing holding the team together, that would be boring.

Besides, we think Jeffrey deserved the win. Of course it didn't escape our notice that once again the winning garment looked like something Iman would wear. The smart ones are going to figure that out soon. We can't quite see 1989 here, but then again, most of the designers played fast and loose with the year references.

And Rolando, you are OUT of FASHION. Can't really say we disagree. If this is what he envisioned when he was assigned 1969, then he clearly has some work to do in learning fashion history. Like we said, most designers played fast and loose, but this has practically NOTHING to do with the year being referenced.

Seems like a sweet enough kid and he does appear to have some talent, but let's face it, we knew he was going to be one of the early eliminees. Proving that he doesn't have the best understanding of current trends as well as fashion history was a one-two punch that made his elimination kind of expected. It was nice of Dominique to add some drama to the proceedings by pretending her lover was facing a firing squad, but we knew it was time for Ro to go, and the judges did too.

[Photo Credit: bravotv.com - Screencaps: www.tomandlorenzo.com]

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