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Thursday, December 2, 2010

In or Out: Kirsten Dunst in Valentino

Kiki D, back in the house.

Kirsten Dunst attends the New York premiere of "All Good Things"
at SVA Theater in New York City in Valentino.

Valentino Spring 2011 Collection
Model: Sara Blomqvist (VIVA)

Her sabbatical is apparently over, and Kirsten's back out doing the poledance; this time for her new movie. She looks very polished here, which is good, because for years her schtick was to go out looking like an unmade bed. Still, there is such a thing as looking too polished and while we like her hair in a general sense, it does tend to give off a 40-year-old anchorwoman vibe.

We've gone on record as not being the biggest fans of lace in the world, but it's very in and there are ways of doing it well, so we kind of like this dress. We don't like that tank or cami she's wearing underneath it. Her days of nip slips are apparently behind her now, so we don't expect her to go bare under there, but still. The shape of the thing is just too distracting and takes the focus away from the dress itself. We realize it's cold in New York but we're not entirely loving the addition of the black hose. We don't hate it, though. It just doesn't look as good as the barelegged runway version.

In fact, come to think of it, we don't hate anything here. There are just a few nitpicky details that bother us, the tank top foremost among them. She definitely looks put together and pretty and if you can recall at all her younger days on the RC, that's a major shift in approach.

So, IN. And welcome back, girl.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage, style.com]

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